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Thank you for visiting my web site and considering our training services.   

My name is Kim Willis and I am the owner of Kustom K9 Training.  Even though I have been training for over 40 years, I officially started Kustom K9 in 2007 due to the fact I needed to support my volunteer search and rescue efforts.  I realized there was very little opportunity for dog owners to learn about and enjoy the many disciplines out there, so I offer many unique disciplines, and was the first one to offer "real world" SAR scent training and search and rescue programs for the public.  Since then a couple others have started offering SAR and scent work, but none with my experience level in the many different scent types, and that certify yearly using court approved national certification with the same organization that certifies the majority of police canines.  All my handlers have surpassed any local or state certifications, and our certifications are accepted internationally.      

Additionally we do offer all the basics, and are one of only a few trainers that can truly help you with aggressive dogs.  We train naturally with a combination of techniques that suit the dog, the owner, and the situation or type of training needed.  We also emphasize the education of owners, including how to really feed a dog correctly.  For me this involves daily reading and updating information on what is currently going on in the dog food world.  Even droughts and floods affect dog food.  We also emphasize proper pack structure, which can be your family and one dog or multiple dogs. The more education you acquire enables you to make better decisions.  The more you learn about how dogs think, the more they will respect, love, and trust you.  

I feel every owner should at some point consider some one on one training by a well rounded trainer (read resumes).  Once you understand the art of being able to listen to your dog, understanding how to lead correctly and fairly, how to set structure, rules and boundaries, and how to stimulate with purpose...............then the group classes most take will mean so much more, or may not be needed at all.  Remember cheap is not always the best, nor in the end will it turn out to be cheap.  This is an investment into your relationship with your dog, one that will last a lifetime, and give back a 100 fold.     


For searches we are on call 24/7.  My pet search dogs are also human search dogs, certified by North American Police Work Dog Association.  We are active locally and nationally when needed.  We operate under the City of Chesapeake Fire Department and the Community Emergency Response Team.  I created for Chesapeake the first official CERT K9 Unit in the US to officially include search dogs with a full set of SOPs.  I can assist you as well if you wish to start your own unit.  Or you can learn the discipline for fun and experience.  My extensive credentials are available for your review.   

Besides scent work we have programs for service dog training of all types.  Many may not realize just how useful a service dog can be.  Even something as simple as a dog to keep a autistic child from wandering, or a family dog specifically trained to find a family member with dementia if they get lost.  We have programs for PTSD service dogs as well.  If you do not have funding your insurance may very well cover the training.  Sometimes service dogs are needed where you don't meet the criteria to be on a list for a free dog, and where you might can do some of the training yourself with guidance.  I can assist you with training your service dog or one your child might need.  This will keep costs down.  If your insurance will cover it, I can do most or all of the training as well.  Where there is a will, there is a way. 

Besides being a trainer, I am a canine professional.  This means I study and know most all aspects of dog care, and the dog world.  Even things your vet can't help you with, or just won't tell you.  If I had one thing to tell you, I would tell you "don't underestimate the power of knowledge".  Take control of your dog's health and learn how to make better decisions with things like shots, food, certain procedures, medications, and more.  I promote more power to make good decisions with proper education, which is not based on a certain company's bottom line.  From me, you will always get the straight scoop.    

Quick rundown of what we can do for you:
· All Obedience Levels
· Scent Work such as tracking, trailing, air scent, evidence search, detection work, service dog scent work, and even scent games
· Search and Rescue
· Personal Service Dogs: hearing-psychiatric-mobility and more 
· Lure Coursing
· Weight Pulling
· Sport Sledding
· Behavior Modification
· Pack Management
· Apprenticeship Programs adults and juniors
· Horses & dogs living and working in harmony, and Equine and Farm Management  
· LOST/STOLEN PET SEARCH DOGS to your rescue 24/7 (US only), human and animal searches, lost or stolen
Boot Camp/Board and Train for when you don't have time  or ability to get things started for yourself, or if you are injured and need help

Offering legal consulting for attorneys, and expert witness testimony.  We can be part of your team in dog bite situations. Our team has been proudly accepted by the "Round Table Group" 
www.roundtablegroup.com), which is a company that attorneys use to get expert witnesses for their cases.  
Thank you for visiting, and considering us.  I answer all calls and emails usually within 24 hours unless I am on a search.  All my profits go towards my volunteer search and rescue efforts. 

Kim Willis, Master Trainer
President and owner of Kustom K9 Training
Retired Master Police Officer/Detective
City of Chesapeake Community Emergency Response Team, K9 Operations
Leader/Trainer, Operational K9 Teams, Animals in Disaster Coordinator
State Certified Professional Ground Searcher
Man Tracker Level I
North American Police Work Dog Association, Associate Member, and Associate
Member East Coast SAR Liaison
Chesapeake Community Animal Response Team "CART" (co-founder), Supported by Virginia State Animal Response Team "SART"
757-421-0446 Phone 

NEWS updates November 2013

Check out our dog chews page, and please don't forget to use my link if your going to order chew.  The company has offered us an affiliate rebate when you order with them after using their link from my web site.  It costs you no more to do this, and will help provide for the SAR dogs.  THANK YOU in advance.    


I was the selected trainer on a long awaited study providing psychiatric service dog training to war veterans.  The study had been fully funded, but political red tape created by the Assistance Dog Industry kept it from going forward and it eventually took enough hits and will sadly not be started.  The industry for many reasons felt threatened by the potential success of this study program and put enough pressure on military bases to not accept it.  The study needed a military base from which to draw newly diagnosed veterans with PTSD.  In the end, money was the only reason why the study was squashed by ADI.  Otherwise there is never a reason to not help our injured war veterans with something like this.  Shame on those people who supported that end.  There are many sides to the service dog industry that most people do not know about, and this is one of the dirty ones.
So the program that I had told all about that was originally planned at the Walter Reed Hospital in DC has been cancelled.  The ADI is very well connected and continues to monopolize the service dog industry.  Not that they do not do good work, but they wish to be the only ones doing the good work while keeping the money in house.  They have now manipulated the Veteran's Administration, and less veterans will get the help they need for psychiatric service dogs.  But no matter what, I will still be there to assist those that come to me.  I can assist them and teach them how to do a lot of the training on their own, which will only deepen the bond with them and their dogs.  So if you have any questions feel free to contact me.  I promise to respond promptly. 


Sadly my beloved foundation bitch, and retired SAR dog Keno, died on July 1st, just a week short of being 14 years old.  Her page is done for all to visit.  Only two months after we lost her, I lost my number one search dog Two-Way.  Kobe use to be but at almost 12 years old, she was put to second string and only doing small scent tasks.  We struggled finding why Two-Way got sick, but we did find out he had cancer somewhere in a hard to find place.  He was in our laps when he had to be put to sleep when the pain could not be controlled any longer.  I will soon be adding Two-Way to the memorial page.  I still have his working full sister Tazz, and Kobe his half sister. 

I have planned my next string of SAR dogs for the last two years and have a Ridgeback puppy coming in the spring of 2013 if the breeding goes as expected.  This puppy will be from the same line I was breeding and they have a high prey drive for this work.  I will be breeding her also in the future so stay tuned for puppies.  But if you desire a Ridgeback puppy soon, I can send you in the right direction.          

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