Face it DOGS LOVE TO CHEW, not to mention that it is really good for their teeth.  My oldest dog died at 14 and never had her teeth cleaned, as well as two of my dogs at 9 year olds.  One of those is now 10.5 years old and just now had her teeth cleaned.    The right chew can save you money and limit the teeth cleanings you need.  There are some genetics into a dog having good teeth though, and also nutrition is a HUGE factor in teeth health.  So feed a natural diet, give a chew daily, and this will limit how much you have to spend on bad teeth.  If you need help and guidance a short one-hour consult is only $40 and could save you money and time.  I can assist you with diet and chews.  

Please remember though it is important to choose the right chew for the right reason, and always supervise your dogs when chewing.  The best chew for one dog is not the best for another.  There are many factors in choosing and I cannot fully help you unless I am able to ask questions, so a consult is advised so I can assist you fully. 

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NOTE: The information presented here reflects many years of my personal experience, and testing. I have not however tested everything on every type and size of dog. Make your choices of chews wisely after much consideration. I only give an overview here, but again a consult is recomended to avoid costly mistakes, and to maximize the benefits of chews.  In the end you are always responsible for your final choices and outcome from that. You owe it to your dog to research your choices beside what I offer you here, get more education, all along considering how your dog(s) chew. 

Chews serve six areas, some primal, some conventional
  • Brings Mental Balance-through the primal act of chewing and gnawing on bones.
  • Keeps Teeth Clean-through the natural action of chewing, and can replace some or all of the customary teeth cleanings, where your dog has to be under, and is quite costly now. 
  • Keep Mentally Occupied-providing your dog with new chews can keep him or her occupied when you need some quiet.  Especially puppies.  
  • Expend Excessive Energy-for those high drive dogs, and young dogs. 
  • As a reward after working for you, a chew cannot be beat. 
  • Nutritionally better then wood, rocks, your furniture, clothing, arm, hand, etc.  Feed 100% digestible, natural chews, that are fun and nutritious.       
Remember each dog chews different, and you may choose a chew that last shorter or longer for certain reasons.  The only way you know how a dog will do with a certain chew, you must observe him or her.  Some dogs chew nice and slow, and a less aggressive chew might work for a longer period of time, where an aggressive chewer needs a tougher chew.  Some dogs swallow chunks, and some do not.  But in the end a dog can choke on anything even a small piece of dry kibble.  So please read, simulated practice how to do the Heimlich Maneuver, and CPR.  Here is a link to print out so you can learn and have it nearby if you need it.  I highly recommend you take the American Red Cross' Pet First Aid Course. 

I have listed below some of the chews I have used in the past for my dogs.  If you do my consult I have many others to offer you information on.  I have a mix bag of chewers in my pack.  Because of age and chewing preference they all have different needs.  I can teach you how to evaluate your dog's needs.   

I never feed rawhide.  It is usually processed with a lot of bad chemicals, and is harder for dogs to digest.  It is a big source of impaction for dogs as well due to the lack of digestibility.  I also do not feed certain bones and other chews due to slab fractures.  In your consult I will provide you a list of items to stay away from and information provided to me by a Board Certified Doggy Dentist.  But this includes many other chews some will sell and tell you are good.  You will learn all about this in your consult, plus any training questions you might have.  I help people all over the US.  There are several chews to stay away from.  And I will teach you the rule on insuring your dog does not get a slab fracture from chews.  When you consult with me I won't hold anything back on each chew.       

Bully Sticks  
Because Bully sticks meet all six areas they will remain one of my favorites.  You still need to choose the right size for the dog.     

This is a very long lasting chew, and comes in many sizes and lengths.  They even come in cool shapes.  The braided, and bone shaped ones seem to last the longest, with the bone being the longer of the two.  Some batches have a slight odor to them, but not much, so don't let that turn you off of the bully sticks.  There are also some that are odor free due to a longer drying time.  There are no dyes or chemicals, and I have never had one stain any carpet or flooring.

There are a few problems with Bully Sticks in general with some dogs.  For more explanation on some of the things to watch for and avoid problems, please consider a consult.  
Himalayan Chews 
This chew also met all areas, except only two of my 5 dogs would chew them.  

I love the smell, and it is extremely nutritious.  It smells and tastes like smoked cheese.  Out of my original five dogs, only one could have this chew.  It is actually eaten by the people there so I have been told.  This one lasts a very long time as well.  But depending on how your dog chews, there are some dangers with this one.  Please consult with me first.  

Cow Ears
This chew meets all six areas, and is also a mainstay in my house.  
They have different sizes, and a nice smoked one.  They are actually one of my favorites for many reasons, but won't last as long for aggressive chewers.   Plus they are not overly expensive.  They have no smell except for the smoked one, and will not stain carpet.  It is a big thumbs up for this one.      

Pig Snout
This chew meets five areas only because it does not last as long for larger dogs.   

Wonderful chew for most size dogs.  If you have a larger dog that chews slow, then they are great.  But if you have a giant breed, these may be a bit small if they don't chew nicely.  They have no smell, are not oily and do not stain.  I actually think they look a bit comical.   

Beef Trachea
This chew almost meets all five areas, but does not last as long as the others unless it is a small dog, or easy chewer.  Has a slight film on it, but is not greasy, or does not smell.  All my dogs love these, but like with the pig snouts they just don't last as long.  Great for teeth.  

Texas Taffy and Beef Jerky
This item did not meet all areas, except for very small dog, young puppies, or old dogs.      
It just did not last long enough for my younger dogs, but is fantastic for my old dogs.  This would also be a great chew for dogs that have missing teeth. 

Beef Tendons 
This item meets all six areas.   

They have two sizes as of this update.  The small did not last a really long time, but would be great for smaller or younger dogs.  The large size is wonderful for larger dogs or aggressive small dog chewers.  Great for cleaning teeth and my dogs like these a lot.  They are a bit softer texture so the small ones would be good for dogs with not so good teeth. 

Stuffed Gullets
The item did not meet all areas.   

I have not done these in awhile because they ate them fast and they were very messy.  I do know they changed the stuffing at one point, so you might just want to try one to see if you like them yourself.   

Sam's Yams
These did not meet all of my areas, but are still pretty cool.

They did not last that long for my dogs, but I highly recommend these for smaller dogs, and very young puppies.  Very clean and dry, and a nutritious treat or chew.   
These products are more a treat then a chew, except for maybe tea cups a very small puppies.   

I highly recommend lungs of all kinds.  They have beef, lamb, and pork, maybe more by the time you are reading this.  Great to break up for training treats, because it is a 100% meat product and you know what your dog is getting. 

This one meets only a few areas.  It is not very long lasting but not meant to be.  The batches sent in are not always consistent.  This is particularly true of the tripe wafers.  I like the light thin ones for my older dogs, but on my last order they were thicker.  Now that is good for better chewers, but they should be different items.    

For those with carpet you will want this one to be fed outdoor if it is green tripe.  The regular wafers are not bad, the current ones being used as wafers are only a little smelly, but the green tripe is nasty.     

Antlers and Chew Hooves
I do not care for these.  I will advise more on these in your consult.    

Bladder Sticks
They do not meet all areas.  They are not very long lasting except for the smallest and youngest dogs. 

This is a softer chew so would be really good for very old dogs, or ones with not so good teeth.  A great short term chew for after training, but would only give outdoors.  They do have a pretty stinky smell. The worst of any chew I have fed. 

Cow Snouts and Cheeks
These meet all my areas.  Maybe not as nutritious as others, but sill has value. 

My dogs love these, young and old.  They are not hard to chew, but hard and big enough to last a good amount of time.  The cheeks are a little harder then the snouts, and you can cut the long snouts into four chews to get out of them.  One of my dog's favorites.

I have tried many more, and each chew has its own values.  Have a list of all chews you are interested in, or I can help you with choices based on your dogs chewing habits.  If you don't know, I will advise you to get one of certain chews and you can tell me how your dog did with each one, and I can advise you from that.  This is many years of experience and experiments.   

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Thank you for visiting, using my services, using my link, and buying great chews for your dog. 

Thank you,
Kim Willis, Master K9 Trainer